About Us

In September of 1997, Forks UCC Pastor, Curt Kemmerer recognized the need for a quality educational program dedicated to the enrichment and development of young children in our community; Ready Set Go Preschool was born. Twenty-four years later we continue to provide a program that welcomes diversity, embraces acceptance and nurtures the hearts, minds and bodies of all who walk through our door. Our dedicated teachers have created an environment that fosters learning by combining current research of child development and effective educational practices. We proudly offer programs which help children develop a solid foundation for kindergarten. Programs are designed for children ages 3 to 5.


Program Overview





Our programs offer a balanced day of play-based learning and guided teaching. We've incorporated our own Montessori inspired "center time" followed by the traditional "circle time", "arts and crafts" and "music and movement". We wrap up each day with a theme-based story time. All of our classes incorporate age-appropriate activities that will inspire, motivate and prepare your child for their next stage of learning.       

Our Staff

Children learn best in an environment in which they feel safe and secure. We have an excellent team of educators whose sincere love of young children sets our program apart from all the rest.

  • Our staffs exceptional ability to nurture and support young children contributes to the success and individual development of every child.
  • Our teacher/student ratios are below state regulations at 1 to 8 for our Pre-K Program and 1 to 6 for our Intro to Pre-K Program.
  • All staff members maintain current First-Aid and CPR certifications.
  • Continued education for staff members is critical; as a result our staff attend workshops and trainings supported by ACT-48 credits.